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Willie Thomas and Not-Quite-Pentatonics

Hullo jazz fans. Apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been driving myself nuts on a film project. I’ve found time for a little bit of teaching too, and I’m always on the lookout for new approaches – some just click

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The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

Jon Brantingham has just put a very good essay up at The Art of Composition. It’s an appraisal of an extended interview with Bill Evans, conducted by his brother Harry in 1966. The “Universal Mind” thing may sound a bit hippyish,

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Don’t Shoot Yourself, You’re the Pianist

Somebody got me Ronnie Scott’s Some of My Best Friends Are Blues for Christmas. It’s a fun little read, and there are bound to be some anecdotes that will be new to you, even if you think you know all

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Grumpy Old Jazzers

Regular readers will be aware by now that I have an occasional tendency towards the grumps. On that I’m unrepentant. My gig, my rules, mate. I’ve recently discovered a couple of blogs by other similarly minded individuals and I commend

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Priceless and Free

So Ornette Coleman has finished his Chronology. Rather than doing a standard obit, I think it would be more interesting to chat about what he did, which was and remains the subject of much confusion. WARNING: May contain unsubstantiated personal

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So What Intro

The Miles album Kind of Blue really was one of a kind. A fascinating, confident adventure that came back with the treasure in abundance – and the whole story is documented really well in a book by Ashley Khan (see here). (Khan

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Everyone’s a Critic…

Jazz musicians will possibly know Nicolas Slonimsky for his Thesaurus of Scale Patterns. Famously, Coltrane practised out of it and I come across musicians today who still explore it. Just the other day, I was chatting to a saxophonist about

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