The End of an Earache

Little Wednesday had a long life in gig years, and now he’s going to play with Charlie Barker

Well, residencies have a lifespan and I’m afraid we’re losing our lovely dog Weekly Wednesday. He’s heading for that great jazz gig in the sky, where all the musicians are glum because God’s girlfriend is a singer – oh please, I’m kidding.

After about six years of frolicking about, I’m afraid it’s just become commercially unsustainable for Toulouse Lautrec to maintain a quartet hound every Wednesday. And I understand completely – as should all musicians. Remember, goodwill is one thing, but venues are not charities.

My great thanks to all who’ve come over the years, punters and musicians alike. Also to the venue for hosting us, and of course my wingmen, Joel and Henry, without whom… And please come down and enjoy the night while we play out our obligations throughout June. Let’s go out with a bang, crash and quite a few wallops.

We’ll really miss scruffy old Wednesday, and nothing can ever replace the mutt, but we will be getting a new puppy called Monthly Friday.

Mutatis mutandis (posh talk for “a bit different, but basically the same”). It’ll be Guest with JLT, except two full sets, a door fee and jam will be off the menu. Although there might be the odd sit-in…

As ever, we’ll play it by ear. Woof.

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One comment on “The End of an Earache
  1. […] one iota. So, Jason’s residency at Toulouse Lautrec may have come to a timely end as these things do and must, but I have no doubt that we shall see something more of this talented and interesting […]

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