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Nice writeup just been published at Something Else (click for full interview). Life, the jazziverse and everything…

“I first saw Jason Lyon at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec in London. I had gone to see Gareth Lochrane on flutes, as he was guest of the Jason Lyon Trio – which is comprised of Jason on piano, Joel Prime (the Old Avengers, Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet) on drums and Henry Gilbert (jazz re:freshed) on bass. Pretty soon I, along with most of the audience, was enjoying Gareth – but also Jason as he played.
He is an extraordinary piano player, using his own quirkiness of style to introduce a sense of fun, emotion and dexterity. Until recently, Jason Lyon was host to the popular Wednesday slot at the brasserie’s Loft jazz venue, entertaining with his trio and varied guests – including Branden Allen, Gilad Atzmon, Tom Dennis, Ant Law, Dan Oates, Benet Mclean, Kitty La Roar, Ed Jones, Duncan Eagles, Anita Wardell and Vasilis Xenopoulos, to mention only a few of the astounding line-up featured. The guests, of course, played their solo pieces but every time I saw the concept in action, the guest also became part of the trio and augmented it to a quartet with whatever instrument they played…”

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