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Vielen Dank to Tomas, who enjoyed the Beethoven Buddhist Choir and added a question. What kind of a computer do I think a musician needs? This raises two immediate thoughts. First, most musicians don’t tend to have great wadges of

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Om to Joy

A recently unearthed collaboration between Beethoven and a bunch of Tibetan monks who happened to be wandering around Vienna at the time. In a letter dated 1822 to his patron Count de Thalern, Beethoven wrote “These bald blokes in spa

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Note Perfect

Well, there’s no such thing of course, but I needed a snazzy headline for another software review. If you don’t use Sibelius, you are excused and can run and play. If you do, I’d like to tell you about the

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Boxing Clever

Just been through a complete tech clean out and revamp chez Lyon. And I’ve decided to fess up and say something extremely unfashionable. Band in a Box (hereafter BIAB) is a great program and a seriously useful tool. Let’s get

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Less is More – Mixing Jazz

Been busy working on a little mixing duty recently and thought I’d share a few observations about recording and mixing jazz. The usuals apply – use the best and most appropriate mics you can; get your gain staging right so

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Foxtrot Oscar Mic…

Bad mic technique is a real bugbear of mine. Sigh – the wedding speaker, the gobbler, the cupper, the wanderer, the human hurricane, the yoyo champ… Never mind those people who insist on using cheap “vintage” toys because they “look good”…

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Don’t Screw with the Crew

I rather doubt that it’s made international headlines, but there’s a furore over a fracas going on here in the U of K over a certain TV presenter being suspended for alleged abusive behaviour towards an assistant producer while out on

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Next Gig

We play every month at Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington, South London.

Fri Dec 22nd 9pm, £15 (£9 adv)
JLT feat Tom Ridout sax & recorder 

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