Camels and Robots

…and as they come to the turn, it’s 001101110101 on Humpy leading the field…

Or putting rhythm sections out of business…

Nah, of course, I’d never do such a thing. There’s no substitute for the real deal. But then practising isn’t the real deal either and I was asked a while ago about how I practise. Sorry the reply comes so late, MH.

Sad truth is that at the moment, I don’t and I’m not proud of the fact. Life’s in the way right now, but I have been doing this a long time, so with a gig whiskey inside me I can usually rise to the occasion.

But when I do, I use a program called Band in a Box to get the virtual guys round for a play. Attached is an example of four choruses of Caravan. I’ve tweaked it a little to my preferences and to give me a workout with variety, but it’s really just BIAB’s basic sampled output. There’s a lot more that could be done – for instance, you could swap in specific basslines and hits. Frankly though, for practice purposes, I can “hear” those.

If any of you use BIAB and want the original file so you can tailor it, just get in touch.

Midnight at the Oasis…

(FUN FACT: Did you know that the delightfully old-fashioned British pejorative “git” comes from the Arabic word for a pregnant camel? It’s one of those adopted words that came from our often unsavoury adventures abroad. I’m not an experienced herder, but by all accounts, while usually pretty cool and sweet creatures, camels are very obstreperous when in that condition and not to be messed with… And who can honestly blame them?)

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