Seasons Greetings

Apologies for radio silence recently. I’ve been busy with various projects, few of them specifically music-related. Decided to wrap up the year with this animated Christmas greeting. I’ve been busily corresponding with some people over the past few months and will be sharing some of the discussions over the next few weeks. Hopefully you’ll find them useful.

Created in Muvizu, GIMP, HitFilm Express and REAPER.

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2 comments on “Seasons Greetings
  1. I’m sorry, but where was the obligatory patronizing nod to our Jewish friends? Where was the bad jazz rendition of an even worse Jewish bar-mitzvah tune that has nothing to do with any Jewish holiday of the season (or any season for that matter)? I am feeling profoundly lonely now.

    • Jason says:

      I’m sorry Adam. I can add some little cartoon bagels if you like, but all are welcome you know. And I did put a grumpy mother and her patient daughter in the crowd, left.
      Are you referring to Have a Tequila? Which people think is folkloric – but I believe is actually about as ancient as the telephone…

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