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All About That Bass, Bout That Bass (No Trouble)

I’ve had a question about comping bass solos. Wow. Well, how long have we got… I’ll start by mentioning that I play some “journeyman” bass. I can do a reasonable job as long the tempos are gentle, the changes aren’t

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Inside, Outside, Leave Me Alone

Some Thoughts on Accompanying an Adventurous Soloist. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that accomplished pianoforte accompaniment requires such skills of listening, following, supporting, interacting, suggesting and sometimes even leading, as have been correctly acquired for the purpose of conduct in polite society.

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The Secret of Jazz? Mathematics

Forget technical studies, listening to the greats, learning licks, advanced harmony, playing out, networking and “living the life”. Well, don’t forget them at all, actually. But those are the obvious bits, and there’s a very simple principle that most learners completely

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