Our Guest Soloists

The format we enjoy is JLT with a featured guest soloist. Our roster features some of the best around. Here are some links so you can learn more about these fantastic musicians:

Yazz Ahmed tpt & flugel
Brandon Allen tenor
Gilad Atzmon alto
Paul Booth tenor
Christian Brewer alto
Marta Capponi voc
Quentin Collins tpt
Tom Dennis tpt
Sara Dowling voc
Duncan Eagles tenor
Steve Fishwick tpt
Shireen Francis voc
Alex Garnett tenor
Adam Glasser harmonica
Ed Jones tenor
Trudy Kerr voc
Tony Kofi alto
Charis Ioannou tenor
Ant Law gtr
Gareth Lockrane flt
Roberto Manzin tenor
Emilia Martensson voc
Benet McLean violin
Jim Mullen gtr
Dan Oates violin
Dave O’Higgins tenor
Carl Orr gtr
Nigel Price gtr
Chris Rand tenor
Tom Ridout tenor
Fulvio Sigurta tpt & flugel
Nat Steele vibes
Martin Speake alto
Anita Wardell voc
Steve Waterman tpt
Tom White trombone
Vasilis Xenopoulos tenor

The house team is: Jason Lyon pno & friendly sarcasm, Henry Gilbert bass and Joel Prime drums.

Regular deps include Matt Findlay bass, Miles Danso bass and Sophie Alloway drums.


Gareth Lockrane with JLT (Sammy Stein for kindofjazz.com)
Benet McLean with JLT (Stephen Graham for marlbank.net)


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