Piano Concerto in F minor “Vidin”

Orchestral Editor Mirko Desnica
Orchestral Programming Charlie Fisher
Recording/Mix/Mastering James Russell at JORG

Two piano reduction, playalong and conductor score with parts available on request.

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Shadow Life

Some spy noir music from about 20 years ago.

Features Emrys Baird (gtrs), David Bouet (dms), Ann D Tapper (vocals).

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Left Bank

With Will Wolstoneholm on bass and Tobias Sturmer drums.

(C) 2001 & 2022

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Anglesey Moon

Another one from the archives, recorded at the Premises in Hackney in 2000. Features Will Wolstoneholm on bass, Tobias Sturmer on drums and Greg Burke on percussion.

(C) 2001 & 2022

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Many good friends and great musicians, many projects over many years. So it’s about memories but also literally re-collections.
And influenced by my gigging experiences which have often involved sit-ins, people coming and going and the numbers gradually dwindling throughout the night. That’s jazz life the way I like it.

  1. Everyone But Me (Weiss/Cawley)
  2. Wee Small Hours (Mann/Hilliard)
  3. Mr CP (Lyon)
  4. Alondra (Gaillard)
  5. Cry Me a River (Hamilton)
  6. You Don’t Know (Raye/de Paul))
  7. I Brunswick Park (Byrne)
  8. II Belonging-III It’s Time (Byrne)
  9. Blues for Elvira (Lyon)

Vocals: Anita Wardell, Kat Sandell
Flute: Ian Bailey
Saxes: Brandon Allen, Ian Bailey, Richard Exall, Dee Byrne
Trumpets: Steve Waterman, Shanti Jayasinha
Trombones: Tom White, Rob Killips
Piano: Jason Lyon
Bass: Sam Burgess, Phil Gaillard, “Level” Neville Malcolm, Alan Gibson, Will Wollstoneholm
Drums: Sophie Alloway, Tobias Sturmer
Percussion: Guillermo Monroy, Nick Rodriguez, Phil Gaillard, Jason Lyon

Arrangements by Jason Lyon
Anita recorded by Hepe Mateh
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Wingfield at Heron Island Studios
Thanks to Cheryl Lee Foulsham at Oxford Duplication Centre

(C) 2022

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Spring & Love

Tony Bennet and Bill Evans’ version of this was a favourite of the singer’s father, also called Tony.

Available from all the usual suspects including Spotify:

(C) 2016 & 2022

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A Tale of Two Mambos

Impressions of the Old and New Hispanic Worlds, from Andalucia to Cuba.

Available from all the usual suspects including Spotify:

  1. El Andaluz (Lyon)
  2. Dale Azuquita (Lyon)

Piano: Jason Lyon
Bass: Will Wollstoneholm
Kit and Percussion: Tobias Sturmer, Greg Burke

Recorded and mixed by Adam Cundy at The Premises, London

Cover by Sue Harding

(C) 2000 & 2021

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Interview with JazzBites radio

Interview with Anthea Redmond for the US JazzBites radio show. The thoughts of Chairman Jase… Broadcast in August but my archive link is here.

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The Gig Went Down Brilliantly

For all that the internet is full of crap (here too), sometimes you’re reminded what it’s really for. Soak this up folks.

There’s so much that could be said about this and so much to learn from it, but ultimately for me the big takeaway is the urge to entertain – Victor Borge must have been beaming in his grave. Also, in my experience, really good musicians don’t take themselves or what they do as seriously as the erm … not so good musicians.

And remember this the next time you have to play a piano with a stuck pedal and broken keys that was last tuned in the 18th century and you’re afraid to touch for fear a string will come unpinned and take your eye out.


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Que Sabroso!

Apologies for absence, music pals. Real life has been coming first for quite a while.

Going locland down in Oakland: Gina Harris with big band belting behind her.

I recently had some big band arrangements performed in Oakland CA – couldn’t be there but I’m told all went well. It got me to thinking about some posts I’ve been meaning to write for a while about the practical business of arranging, which I’ll get down to over the next few weeks.

One of the arrangements was a straight-up Cuban affair, which put the band somewhat out of their comfort zone but they were definitely up for the challenge.

I’ll get into some specifics about this kind of music later, but for now I’ll just address a question I’ve been asked many times over the years.


A lot of musicians really love Cuban music but don’t know what to listen to. Invariably they wind up playing the Aebersold charts (I’ve even seen the books on stands on pro gigs). These are fine as far as they go but there’s so much more. And if I hear Mambo Inn one more time I think my teeth will fall out from the grinding…

So welcome aboard Salsa Air and if you’ll look to your right you’ll see I’ve added a link to my Latin Spotify playlist for your convenience. As with any playlist it really just scratches the surface and a lot of the choices are personal. But they’re mostly classics and just about every important artist is in there, so you can use it as a springboard.

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