The Cat Crept into the Crypt…

cryptcatsA charming story related to me recently by Russell Occomore, one of the directors of Jazz at the Crypt. The venue is underneath a splendid mid-19th century Gothic church in Camberwell, South London. They approached the place to propose a use for the crypt some years ago. This is a smaller space dating to the Saxon church which previously stood on the site, and a pretty substantial amount of money was needed to do the place up, so they and the church put out an appeal.

Now what should appear shortly afterwards but a mysterious plastic bag. It contained lots of brown paper rolls, and (sensibly) the police were called in to investigate. The rolls contained not explosives, but antique French gold coins, and the total valuation was pretty much bang on what was needed to renovate the crypt. After a respectable “are you sure?” period waiting to make sure someone hadn’t just left the bag lying around by accident (I do that with bullion worth thousands all the time), they set to work.

The benefactor wanted to remain anonymous, but they think they’ve narrowed it down to an elderly parishioner who didn’t have any family left. What an amazing story.

So… the cat crept into the crypt, cracked it, crept out and consequently cool cats can creep in. Hard to say three times fast, but I wouldn’t mind that as a legacy, would you?

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