Ugo Delmirani

I do hope the grapevine’s wrong about this one – please let me know if so. I heard the other day that Ugo, a formidable pianist and stalwart in particular of the scene at London’s famous 606 Club, had … sort of disappeared for a while. From what I hear, he won’t be coming back. The dreaded C, it seems. And his passing seems to have gone mostly, and unfairly, unsung.

He was a musician’s musician – didn’t have a particularly high profile, rather private and reserved, wasn’t MD for the latest twerking sensation, just plied his craft, and beautifully too. He was a fantastic player and a lovely guy. He’ll be missed by many.

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4 comments on “Ugo Delmirani
  1. roytheryder says:

    When you say disappeared do you mean no longer playing at 606, taking a break, gone back to wherever, playing in a cocktail bar, joined the navy etc

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