The Life of 3.1415926… Musicians


Time for another ramble down memory lane. I used to co-run a full-blooded salsa band, and co-running is a great idea as long as you’ve got a good relationship and great open coms between you. In fact, running anything larger than an octet single-handed can do unusual things to even the most dedicated and able minds over time…

But this post is primarily about client expectations. The attached pic was sent to me by a film making colleague during a round of negotiation about budgets for a project we were pitching for. Rather a succinct comment I felt, and it reminds me of calls I used to get about booking the salsa band:

“We love your stuff. We’d like to book you for a wedding in a village outside Cardiff.”
“Oh congratulations to you. We’re based in London so what about overnight accommodation?”
“I’m afraid most of the local places are already booked up. But you’ll get food. We’ve got a big garden – you could bring tents. It’ll be fun.”
“Uh-huh… What size band did you have in mind?”
“Well, we’d like a couple of singers, lots of percussion and trumpets and things. All live, no backing tracks. We’ll have a big stage.”
“I reckon that’s about a nine piece. What’s your budget?”
“We were thinking about six hundred.”
[Long pause]… “I could maybe just about get you a duo…”
[Click… Brrrrrrrrrrrrr]


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