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Que Sabroso!

Apologies for absence, music pals. Real life has been coming first for quite a while. I recently had some big band arrangements performed in Oakland CA – couldn’t be there but I’m told all went well. It got me to

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Brecker’s Magic Third

Or is it? Here’s a recent YouTube post by Jazz Duets. Do watch it, and subscribe to Nick because he puts up some good stuff. Now then. All sorts of interesting ideas proposed and some useful approaches spun off. But

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The Bill for Rehearsal Time

Thanks to Jazz Video Guy on YT for finding this rare documentary footage of Bill Evans preparing for a TV taping in Denmark. There’s a lot to take away, but I’ll just zero in one aspect – this is a

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No Country for Old Atonal Men…

Couldn’t resist this one (I’m actually quite partial to a bit of twangy twangy). A nice lesson too for us jazzers – musicians may be complicated, but music doesn’t have to be…

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Negative Harmony, Gulp

or I’m talking to the man in the mirror I suppose it had to happen… Thank you TH (aka “confused of Bristol”) for asking about the en vogue topic of negative harmony. I completely understand your confusion. Ah, I do

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The Cat Crept into the Crypt…

A charming story related to me recently by Russell Occomore, one of the directors of Jazz at the Crypt. The venue is underneath a splendid mid-19th century Gothic church in Camberwell, South London. They approached the place to propose a

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A Seasonal Puzzle

Don’t know about you lot out there, but I want a refund on my 2018 – the one they sent me was broken. Ah well… Here, from the archives, is a version of a rather famous tune that doesn’t reveal

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