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Have You Listened to the Recordings?

Simple enough question. Have you? Or did you just learn Blue Bossa, All Blues, GDS, Canteloupe Island, Blues for Alice, ATUR and, um, all that jazz from courses? C’mon, be honest, I’m not going to set the dog on you… Jazz

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What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

How do jazz musicians learn, hear and think of tunes? They do it the way we all understand, read and speak. In chunks and in links between chunks, not word by word. Even when you put a new chart in

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Books for Sale
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Wednesday Gig/Jam

We play every Wednesday night, 9 to 12.30, at Toulouse Lautrec in Kennington, South London. It starts as a gig then becomes a jam. We welcome and accommodate all, but please do have a squizz at Thoughts from the Piano Chair of a Jam Session.
Illustration by Sue Harding

June guest soloists
7 Sara Dowling voc
14 Ed Riches gtr
21 Duncan Eagles tenor
28 Tom Ridout tenor

More info on guests here

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