Vi Hart & Twelve Tones

Vi Hart polyhedrafying - well, we all have our ways of relaxing.

Vi Hart polyhedrifying – well, we all have our own ways of relaxing.

For some reason I can’t even remember, I was recently spurred to refresh some of the funkier stuff in my maths education. In my online quest after some of the long forgotten detailed bits behind the sublime Euler’s Identity (yeah, I know, I’m weird) the linky stuff led me to this gal right here, who is a sort of… erm… mathemamusiciaphilosodoodler, and quite the YouTube phenomenon.

I’ve found gags about calculus don’t really work with most audiences. My new trio drummer is called Joel Prime (genuinely), but his playing isn’t at all derivative… See what I mean? Whoosh – over the heads and far away. So I just stick to remarks about how good he is at hitting things.

Anyway, here Vi Hart absolutely blisters her way through dodecaphony. If you’re anything at all like me you’re going to adore this. And if you’re not at all like me, I completely understand.

Spread the word about Vi – if I’ve got any instinct for this kind of thing, she’s going to grow exponentially (and not raised to the power of the principal square root of -1 times the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter). No? Whoosh again? Okay, just enjoy the vid. Mary eventually has some rather unusual little lambs…

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One comment on “Vi Hart & Twelve Tones
  1. Adam Cole says:

    Yes, I saw this but I was too jealous to talk to anyone about it.

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