dbThis three-movement suite, inspired by Coltrane, was written by alto saxophonist Dee Byrne, who is going places.

For me, this trilogy really tells a story. Part I got some airplay on Jazz FM. Four Londoners get their New York thing on…

Dee Byrne (as), Jason Lyon (p), Alan Gibson (b), Sophie Alloway (d)


jhThis one’s an intimate little live duo recorded recently with a great singer, Jo Harrop.

Jojo and I have a mutual appreciation for Tony Bennett and Bill Evans. I guess you can tell…

Jo Harrop (v), Jason Lyon (p)


jlFrom the archives, here’s an inadvisably fast jazz mambo wot I wrote, and an attempt to make one piano sound like a busload of Cubans. It’s inspired by the fantastic piano-led bands headed up by guys like Peruchin and Charlie Palmieri. The name of the track means something like “put a little sugar on it” (with a bit of filth implied). Fifteen years ago (sigh, I’m getting old) my jazz trio was also the backbone of various salsa outfits. We were joined here on bongos, campana and shekere by Greg Burke (a real deal percussionist – not just some random from Camden). And, in answer to some enquiries I’ve had: yes – it’s a live single take, no overdubs; and no – no click track.

Jason Lyon (p), Bill Crosby (b), Tobias Sturmer (d), Greg Burke (pc)


tsOn the same session (at The Premises), we recorded a sweet spacey little ballad by the perfectly named drummer, percussionist and ethnomusicologist Tobias Sturmer.

Who says drummers aren’t sensitive souls?

Jason Lyon (p), Bill Crosby (b), Tobias Sturmer (d)


I was recently asked whether I was “into all that EST stuff”. Well, here’s a tune I wrote and performed in 2000, with the same crew. It’s in that vein.

Jason Lyon (p), Bill Crosby (b), Tobias Sturmer (d), Greg Burke (pc)


ksHere’s a standard featuring Swedish soul siren Katarina Sandell, with a few harmonic twists and turns in the arrangement and some lovely tenor work by Ian Bailey.

(This session was recorded by Dill Katz at the 606, and Steve, you have my word – no fish were harmed.)

Kat Sandell (v), Ian Bailey (ts), Jason Lyon (p), “Level” Neville Malcolm (b), Sophie Alloway (d)




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