A Seasonal Puzzle

Christmas party celebration humorous cartoon, vector, isolated

Don’t know about you lot out there, but I want a refund on my 2018 – the one they sent me was broken. Ah well…

Here, from the archives, is a version of a rather famous tune that doesn’t reveal its identity until the very end. I was a bit Jarrety at the time… If you relish the musical puzzle, stop it at 3.12 and make your guess before it gives you the answer.

At which point, I hope you’ll affectionately kick yourself…

Merry Christmas, Chag Chanukkah Sammeach (belatedly), Joyous Kwanza, and in general I hope you all have a lovely time.


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2 comments on “A Seasonal Puzzle
  1. Peter Isackson says:

    Nice, Manu.

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