Interview with JazzBites radio

PINNED I was recently a guest of the delightful Anthea Redmond for the US JazzBites radio show. Call it the thoughts of Chairman Jase… Broadcast in August but my archive link is here (compressed to buggery – their quality is better…)

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5 comments on “Interview with JazzBites radio
  1. Susanne Lee says:

    Highly enjoyable!

  2. ADAM COLE says:

    Riding two horses. You have to admit that is funny, and very apt.  Trick riding, and wondering what will happen if one of them takes off! It’s great to hear your voice and get to know more about you. Adam

  3. ADAM COLE says:

    Holy crap, the Cuban tune.  You sound great.  Any overdubs on that piano, or did you just play that? Adam

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