Little Niles

Somebody recently sent me this video clip of the band doing a Randy Weston number last year. It’s a great tune and deserves to be played more often.

Tony Kofi (as), Jason Lyon (p), Henry Gilbert (b), Joel Prime (d)

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3 comments on “Little Niles
  1. Terrible recording. Great soloing! Couldn’t you get Orrin Keepnews, Bob Thiele or Teo Macero to do the sound engineering?

    • Jason says:

      I didn’t even know it was being taken, Peter. I agree that it sounds like it was recorded through granny’s knickers… Thought it was worth putting up all the same.

  2. Probably better that you were caught with your knickers down. I always tend to get self-conscious and stupid when I think people are capturing my every thought.

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