Four Femmes on the Thames

fourfemmsA shoutout to one of my favourite up and coming acts. This befrocked riot brings the house down regularly at my local gin palace, and I’ve got to know them and done their sound a few times.

Go and see them when you get the chance (or at least look them up online) – they’re going to be big.

However, if you’re the kind of person who clutches pearls and faints or reaches for the pen and green ink to compose a strongly worded letter to The Times whenever someone so much as mutters “bollocks”, please proceed with extreme caution. Being exposed to what you think but never say may cause you psychological distress. As may the fact that you’re enjoying it immensely in spite of yourself…


The Four Femmes recently won the UK We Got Tickets Musical Comedy Awards, and were rewarded with the princely (er, princessly?) sum of £500 in Monopoly money. Well, leaving aside inflation, they could buy Mayfair and have some splash cash left over. So the big time beckons, eh?

They are Femme Filthy (Katy), Femme Frivolous (Abbey), Femme Free-Spirit (Emma) and Femme Fick (Grace) – ably assisted by three Hommes (who also have names, but that’s not important, so I’m told).

They’re comfortably (and frequently) in touch with their femininity, astute observers of the modern urban condition and have an interesting perspective on London living and architecture. They’re also demure, shy and retiring in the same way as, say, nitroglycerine ice cream.


Here’s their latest number, a thoughtful, passionately argued essay on gender semiotics:

And here’s their previous big hit, which deals with contemporary trends in post-brutalist urban development:

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3 comments on “Four Femmes on the Thames
  1. Adam Cole says:

    Here in America we call them Four Dames from the Thames. That’s because we’re stupid.

    • Jason says:

      You say “tomato”, I say “oh if you’re going to the bar, mine’s a pint”.
      I suppose perhaps it should be “Four Fam on the Tam”, but that doesn’t really work.

  2. phil says:

    Huh? I didn’t quite get that last pint…

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