Sound Judgment

It’s a vocal Jim, but not as we know it…

I’ve done quite a bit of engineering in my time, both live and studio. Believe me people, every little one of those controls on the Starship Overprize does something, and the whole result is organically linked, onstage and front-of-house… Every choice of microphone, the position of every monitor… it’s all interconnected and matters.

A very wise old bugger who taught me a lot of stuff once described an engineer’s job roughly thus (and at this point you have to imagine a low Glaswegian growl): “A) make them feel good; B) make them sound good. B is more important, but you won’t get it without A. Bullshit them if you have to. And if you’re doing your job right kid, the bastards won’t thank you or even notice you exist. They’ll just think they’re bloody geniuses. There’s always a you or a me running round after them, picking their ****ing knickers up off the floor.”

Thanks to Nolan for sending me this clip (and this post is not a specific pop at singers, whom I love dearly).

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