Spam Attack

Keyboard technique not necessary in this context… Just good chops.

For some unfathomable reason, I’ve recently experienced a severe spam attack. For an equally unfathomable reason, I’ve suddenly received a dump of a couple of years’ worth of emails from my old address (which I had thought was linked – thanks Steve “Prancing 200lb Baby” Ballmer for all your useless Apple-chasing swipey-swipey kinda-cool silliness* and mismanaging what’s really necessary).

But it’s too hot here in London to be unfair, so I’ll back off – I don’t really know what the hell has happened, to be honest, or why.

So to those who’ve been in touch and haven’t received a reply – I’m not snotty and, sadly, not too busy to reply. I make a point of replying to anyone who contacts me, although it may take a week or so.

I’ve managed to dig through the thousands of dumped messages and pick out a few that obviously aren’t from bereaved (yet fabulously wealthy and generous) Nigerian ministers’ wives, people promising me a bigger erection and stockbrokers with tips that will make me a millionaire by the time I’ve got back from having a crap. These people will be getting replies, unfortunately in some cases to emails they’ve probably forgotten they’ve sent. And addressing things they’ve probably already sorted out.

If I’ve missed you out, please feel free to get in touch again via the Contact tab above.

Stay cool out there!

* Clue: some of us, who use computing devices for more than posting pics of ourselves Jägerbombing while hang-gliding with a goat under our arm (omg lol), still prefer to use laptops…

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