To Hanon or not to Hanon?

Good stuff here from a fellow ranter, Billie. I lost a sizeable chunk of my childhood to these blasted exercises, and while they certainly did me some good, there were better ways…

Sonic Octarine

That is the real question…

The Virtuoso Pianist , a compilation of 60 exercises by Charles-Louis Hanon, is meant to address the common technical difficulties that stand between an average pianist and a virtuoso. In my opinion though, what is considered “common technical difficulties” is completely subjective and is NOT a universal recipe for virtuosity so if we think of Hanon as a book that will improve our skills magically, we would be wrong. In any case, what IS virtuosity?

Vir-tu-o-so (/ˌvərCHo͞oˈōsō/) – Noun.

1) an experimenter or investigator especially in the arts and sciences

2) one skilled in or having a taste for the fine arts

3) one who excels in the technique of an art : a highly skilled musical performer

4) a person who has great skill at some endeavor

So according to merriam-webster it has nothing to do with speed and playing fast no matter what, however, that seems to be…

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2 comments on “To Hanon or not to Hanon?
  1. Adam Cole says:

    Always entertaining! You’re on a roll! I do wish that you wouldn’t refer people to the Wikipedia article on Feldenkrais, as it’s not very informative. Better to send them to or my articles at

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