Geronimo! …and Thoughts from New Chief Sitting Bull’s Head

Humph at the Head: gone, but never forgotten

Humph at the Head: I’d like the teams to come up with suggestions for late arrivals at the Fondly Remembered Musicians’ Ball.

Let’s hope that the Evening Standard gossip column rumours about conversion of the Bull’s Head in Barnes into a ghastro pub aren’t true. It’s a great venue in a beautiful part of London, with one of the best maintained pianos in town.

This just in from :

“Geronimo Inns & The Bulls Head

Geronimo Inns are delighted to be taking over the Bull’s Head in Barnes. The pub has an amazingly rich history as an integral part of the community and more importantly as a legendary music venue for over 50 years. There has been much speculation about the plans for the pub and whether Geronimo Inns intend to maintain the pubs musical heritage. So to be very straight; we have always remained fully committed to hosting live music at The Bull’s Head seven days a week.

We have a track record with running live music pubs, including the Half Moon in Putney and The Elgin in Ladbroke Grove and they have a team dedicated to carrying on the great work overseen by Dan Fleming for the last 30 years. Dan has agreed to help advise us with music planning and music quality, and we are pleased to confirm that we have already booked artists including Salena Jones, Buddy Greco, Alan Price, The Humphrey Lyttelton Band and Stan Tracey to perform in 2013.

A public meeting, held at the beginning of June attended by 120 local residents, musicians and live music lovers, were told that Geronimo Inns will be creating a delicious pub that can further support the live music scene in Barnes and we are not looking to create a ‘gastropub that has music as an incidental offer’, but a pub for the community of Barnes with music very much at it’s heart.

It is true that we want to create a new music room at the venue however we will only do this if it is as good as or better than the existing room in terms of the musical experience. Geronimo Inns have sought planning permission to add to the current layout of the venue to enable them to improve the experience for fans attending shows; this includes, new loos, (including facilities for disabled customers) a first floor dining/ function room and an extension to the stables to create a music room of a similar size to the current one with its own bar and loos.

With help from those who have been instrumental in creating the sound in the current music room, we will at least match, and preferably improve on the current acoustics.

In October 2011, we took over the Half Moon in Putney, another legendary music venue. There had been similar concerns then about the future of the live music. In fact, the changes we introduced to the pub have made it more popular with locals and we have increased the number of artists performing and fans attending shows. In the last twelve months 35,000 music fans have passed through the doors, and they are now able to use the pub to eat, drink and socialise far more than before.

Geronimo Inns are aware of the “Save The Bulls Head” campaigns and wanted to take this opportunity to re-iterate their position and calm any concerns about their intentions. We will not run The Bull’s Head without live music as it is an integral part of the pub and to Barnes and we are committed to, and are aware of, our duty to building on this tradition.

Ed Turner

MD Geronimo Inns”

I do have a suggestion for Geronimo and Big Chief Sitting Turner, though. I’ve found the reverent theatre-style seating restrictive and inappropriate for both audience and band. I’m all for great bands getting the respect they deserve, but it’s jazz, not Pinter, guys…

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